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Trusted by Europe's largest retailers ☝,️ with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We have access to amazing produce here on the Isle of Man and the British Isles. Our shellfish 🦐 is particularly noted as among the best in the world!

We have vast experience supplying the needs of both retail and food service. We pride ourselves on our ability to secure quality produce from our collective supply in order to respond to customers’ needs, especially during promotional times. We are very quality focused whilst at the same time offering value and consistency.

Island Seafare has been operating in the Isle of Man since 1991.

  • Our History

    Island Seafare was established in 1991 by Tim Croft who was previously a fishermen and scallop processor on the Isle of Man.  The aim was to grow the reputation of the Isle of Man into a world renowned supplier of King Scallops.

    The business expanded from King Scallops and new markets were established for Isle of Man Queen Scallops (Queenies), now world famous. As Island Seafare's reputation grew for the supply of scallops new markets and relationships were forged with Island Seafare working closely with many retailers in France as well as wholesalers across France, Spain, Italy, Portugal,  the Netherlands and Belgium.

    Over the years the business has grown and now sources and supplies produce not only from the Isle of Man, but all over the British Isles.

    Now with many years of experience Island Seafare is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of live, fresh and frozen shellfish and seafood partnering with many suppliers to deliver all over the UK and Europe in various different formats to suit customer requirements.

  • Locations

    Our head office is based in Port St Mary in the Isle of Man situated on the quayside and ideally positioned to oversea the catches being landed each day by the local boats. The head office acts currently employs three full time staff and one part time who are busy sourcing products,  co-ordinating sales activity and logistics.

    In 2021 Island Seafare as part of its Brexit solution opened SAS Island Seafare France with its office in Boulogne Sur Mer. This is the main sales hub for France and where much of the live and fresh export and logistic documents are prepared and currently employs two staff. SAS Island Seafare France is based in Boulogne Sur Mer perfectly positioned in the busy seafood port hub.

Our Team

Many of our team have been with us for years. They really are experts in the distribution of seafood throughout Europe. We're proud ❤️ of all of them.

We're trusted to deliver by many of Europes largest supermarkets.

MSC Certification

Island Seafare and are parent company SAS Island Seafare France have full MSC Chain of Custody that ensures that products are fully traceable and separated from non-certified products. MSC Chain of Custody certification provides real credible asurance that products sold as MSC or using the MSC ecolabel originated from a certified fishery and can be traced though the supply chain to a certified source. We are audited by a third-party accredited certification body and are subject to surveillance audits over the three year period of validty for the CoC certificate. This give both suppliers and customers piece of mind when doing business in sustainable seafood with Island Seafare.

MSC Certification Code: MSC-C-56130


Island Seafare is a member of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB).  The SAGB are the UK’s industry's trade body and is made up of representatives’ across the many shellfish stakeholders including shellfish farmers, fishermen, fishermen's Associations, processors, commercial traders and retail companies. The SAGB now covers a vast range of activities from "harvest to sale"  and has well over a one hundred years of support to the industry. Island Seafare works closely with them on many industry wide matters.