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Sustainability Policy

Last updated 25 Jan 2024

Our policy on sustainability gives our international clients the confidence that they are buying from ethical, well managed fisheries.

Island Seafare Limited aims to meet customer demand through the purchase and production of sustainable seafood.

We intend to produce only the highest quality seafood, in full compliance with food standards and all other pertinent legislation, industry/customer guidelines, and recommended codes of practice.

To support this objective Island Seafare seeks to promote responsible development and management procedures to assure a high standard of quality food production while respecting environmental considerations and fish/animal welfare. Island Seafare aims to do this by establishing an effective system of self-regulation, demonstrating the sector's considerations towards seafood, the environment, and, ultimately, the consumer. Where required and possible Island Seafare will operate according to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) principles.

Our Policy is not definitive, but it addresses those areas considered to be important and integral to Island Seafare’s ethos. In addition, it is hoped that this policy will assist the development of the best practice principles.  To achieve this, Island Seafare will communicate the policy throughout the company, ensuring that management, sales,  technical, and production staff are fully conversant with the business objectives. Island Seafare  that all employees will make every effort to adhere to and maintain all written procedures.

As systems and procedures of the business develop and change this Policy will be reviewed annually at management meetings.

For a written copy of this policy please contact us.

The Island Seafare Management Team