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Consistency and quality King Scallops from the Isle of Man, Shetland and British Isles

King Scallops (Pecten Maximus) are a large scallop found in the Atlantic ocean, around the British Isles and the Irish Sea.

Our King Scallops are sourced predominantly from the Isle of Man where the season runs from November - May, but we can source additional supply during the year from around the UK including MSC King Scallops from Shetland.

Sweet and naturally tender with a creamy colour and rich orange roe King Scallops are a popular sustainable seafood choice when caught using appropriate fishing methods and correct fisheries management.

The Isle of Man's king scallop fishery has been rated among the most sustainably managed in the British Isles. The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has increased the island's King Scallop sustainability rating following improvements to its management. This gives customers and consumers confidence that they are supporting a sustainable product and that our Isle of Man King Scallops are well-managed.

Formats include:

Half Shell King Scallops, Demi Coquille St Jacques, Viera Media Concha, Cappasanta Mezzo Guscio.

King Scallop Meat, Noix De St Jacques, Carne De Viera, Polpa Di Cappasanta.